Where Projects Die

Do you have projects that lie in a corner or box collecting dust?

Projects that were born with enthusiasm and ambition but soon were discarded due to ill fit, lack of supplies, and waning interest. Or perhaps you discarded the dream in favor of a new trend?

I have SO many of these projects and it is time to either finish it or toss it! That is where you come in. Periodically, I will post two projects here for you to vote on that I will finish. When you vote (by comment) your name will be entered for the chance to win a flour sack apron.

The first two projects:

Project A: Vintage Heart Apron from The Perfect Apron


This is the image from the book The Perfect Apron

Project B: Swiss Cotton Skirt

The gathered waist is just wrong for me. So I’m going to rip it out and turn them into inverted box pleats.



A sketch of what the skirt should look like when finished

So which one should I finish?  The project with the most votes gets finished. Remember if you comment your name is entered to win a vintage style flour sack apron.

Voting ends February 1st

6 thoughts on “Where Projects Die

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