Contemplating Curtain Choices

The move is over!

So many changes and choices to contemplate when moving. Although we moved halfway across the country we have thankful did not have to look for a new place to live as we just moved into our old place. I also now have time to actually put up window treatments! So after going crazy on pinterest these are a few of my thoughts.

1. Perhaps two different curtain sets one for spring/summer another for fall/winter. Or perhaps just change one element.

2. I like the double layer look but simple and streamlined.

3. Love burlap

4. For my spring/summer set I think I will go with neutrals. Burlap/gauze/linen etc

Now for some pictures

Burlap Crewel Damask Panel

Love the stenciled pattern on the burlap curtains


Love these multi panel curtains

I really like the double layer roman shade with straight cheesecloth panels


However, I also really like the streamlined look of these roman shades with a straight valance

Our place is much newer than our rental in Maryland and doesn’t quite fit with the whole cape-cod cottage feel. In spite of this I would still love to maintain that cottage-y/beach-y feel even though we are now several thousand miles from the beach! I will have to contemplate this…

Any suggestions?

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