A Spring Skirt

Lovely Lilac

What do you look for when making or buying a skirt for spring? I love floating fabrics and classic styles that can also make the transition into summer with a change of top. I know that the fashion world picks “this year’s colour” and “style” but as for me I would prefer to stick to trendless lines and flattering colours that will never fade.

1950's style skirt

I love the old-fashioned 1950’s feel of this skirt, the light lilac colour, and the way this fabric simply floats around your body as you wear it.

purple circle skirt

These grey shoes compliment the soft lilac colour of the skirt.

The drape of this fabric with the generous circle cut of the skirt allows for a very flattering look. Although it is not a vintage pattern it feels very much like a 1950’s skirt.

lilac skirt

purple circle skirt

A close up shot of the skirt.

I wonder what a crinoline would look like underneath this skirt. Maybe I will make one up.

lilac skirt

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