Victorian-Rose Knit Scarf

Peacock-blue Victorian Knit Scarf

Remember last Friday when I posted a teaser about what I finished? Well…..I actually finished all three! I know busy busy busy. Unfortunately the weather has been quite uncooperative and it has been either super dark in my house or the weather outside has been absolutely frigid. When the sun came out yesterday afternoon I had a chance to take some pictures. Today’s post is the Victorian-rose knit scarflet and I will try and get the pictures up of the skirt and the bathroom later.

Although you probably wouldn’t want to make this your first knitting project the pattern was pretty easy and if you didn’t have a 1 year old trying to play with the yarn as well you could probably knit this up on a Sunday afternoon.

So here is my final product–thank you husband for taking the pictures!

victorian knit scarf

Me wearing the knitted scarf. I love the lacy pattern and it is super soft!

peacock blue knitted scart

This knitted scarf is so soft!

knit scarf

I love this knitted scarf and the peacock blue color is perfect for me!

And just for fun a super edited version!

lacy scarf

A rather artsy picture of the Victorian rose knitted scarf

11 thoughts on “Victorian-Rose Knit Scarf

    • Thanks, this is one of my favorite colours! Seriously I think that half my clothes are this colour. 🙂 It is an awesome pattern I really love it…it might be on my Christmas knitting gift list. I was thinking today that it actually would be a great first lace project. Definitely do it!

      • Thanks for the encouragement to try it as a first lace project. I’m almost finished with my first knit ever: the baby afghan! I’m with you..most of my closet is that color too. Mostly because I like it, but also because I have blue eyes too and it works on me!

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  2. I love that color too! It goes really beautifully with your eyes. Hooray for a finished project, it turned out great!

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