A Bit O’ Green Birthday Cake

Lime Green Birthday Cake

My son was a year old on Saturday…almost born on St. Patrick’s Day. We had a lovely day and it is amazing how much children grow in just one year! I made a lime green birthday cake for him–delicious! If you would like the recipe I found it here at The Lettered Cottage. Although the recipe calls for key limes I just used regular limes as I didn’t have the time to hunt down the elusive key limes.


Lime flavored birthday cake

birthday cake

Waiting patiently for mom and dad to finish taking pictures!

green birthday cake

Lime green birthday cake…perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

green cake

Yummy lime flavored cake


First taste of sugary goodness!

lime cake


Lime cake

Lime green birthday cake is a great choice for St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrocks in a pitcher

Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day

This picture originally appeared in Hints of Spring.

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