Life: Fabric or Yarn?

Is life a pieced quilt or a knitted scarf?

Pieces of fabric lovingly hand stitched together to create a whole work of art. Maybe a skein of yarn, a single thread, twisted around itself each bend touching the other and finally creating a single product.

Is it not interesting how life works? At the risk of sounding cliché looking back several years I would never have guessed I would be here today. As a quilt I would say that each event that has happened is a piece that God has been stitching together. Each piece is a miniature picture, a different fabric pattern, and a unique shape being fitted and stitched together creating the quilt of my life.

Teddy Bear Quilt

Teddy Bear Quilt made by a woman who lives in Nova Scotia my mother gave this to me a month after I got married guess she was anxious!

It seems that as each year passes I find a theme that threads the year together. Last year it was this song We Will Keep Our Faith Alive I won’t go into details but it pulled me through a difficult year….and even now on bad days it runs through my mind. Now it seems as though this blog and the creating process of textile arts are my theme or at least my connection to this part of my life.

Months of the year quilt

Another quilt by the same woman

Have you ever seen this saying? A friend got this mug for me several years ago.


Knitting Keeps Me From Unraveling

Life as yarn. [CO 27]

Yarn of life

Yarn in a basket

My husband got a job in Maryland around the middle of last year. We packed up everything moved. We are the type of people that when we are called we jump in with both feet! [Cont in pattern]

[Purl, knit, yarn-over….we were expecting our house to sell….it didn’t. My husband’s job didn’t turn out as he expected. slslk, k5, p2 repeat 5 times]

Lifes Yarn

Yarn texture

[K2tog]. Since our house had not sold he decided to apply for jobs back in Kansas. [cont.]

[K6] For six months he has been interviewing with this company and this past week he was offered a job.

Back to Kansas we go. It has been a long wait and now that it is here I am unsure of the future yet again. [cont in MC until piece measures …….]

As I continue to trust The Master Knitter am fascinated to discover what this final piece will be.

Baby blue blanket

My son’s knitted baby blanket I made last year

6 thoughts on “Life: Fabric or Yarn?

  1. What a creative way of looking at life! I agree that elements of both quilting and knitting seem true for life! I think the best way to look at it though is that if you go wrong you can simply unravel/unpick it and have another go so that it all looks perfect in the end 🙂

  2. So glad to hear that you are going back to Kansas, I’ve been praying for an answer for your family! I have to agree with Hannah, this is a second chance to unravel and and start over, to get it perfect. The Master Knitter is in control and things will turn out OK 🙂

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