Hints of Spring

Adding Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day


I found these little shamrocks at my local grocery and couldn’t resist adding a bit of green.

I decided to add a little color to my white room and placed the shamrocks in the white pitcher on my transitional mantel.

Shamrocks in white pitcher from Sew.Knit.Create

Shamrocks in a white pitcher on my mantel for St. Patrick’s Day

I just love how it looks! Then I stepped outside and found these beautiful miniature white flowers. I’m not sure what they are but they remind me of the snowdrops that I would find outside my grandmothers old house in Nova Scotia.

I remember as a child I would run out to the backyard and push through the layer of snow beneath the window to see if the snowdrops had popped through. My grandmother said that this was a sign that spring would be soon.

Snowdrops from Sew.Knit.Create

Miniature white flowers are a sign of spring

Hope that everyone is enjoying the first signs of spring. I cannot wait for the daffodils!

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