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Stitch Holder Necklace

Glass-bead Stitch Holders

stitch holders

Glass beaded stitch holders by Sew.Knit.Create

I’ve been needing some stitch-holders for an upcoming knitting project so I decided to experiment and see what I could come up with. When I found these pretty marbled glass beads the inspiration was born. After I had strung all the little stitch holders together I then discovered that I needed to find a way to keep them all together!

Then when browsing pinterest the other day I came upon a stitch counter bracelet tutorial. Then it struck me–why not turn my knitting stitch holders into a necklace! Here is the finished product.

stitch holder necklace

Glass bead knitting stitch holders on a necklace

knitting stitch holders

Partial view of me wearing the necklace. The length makes it easy to reach the stitch holders while knitting.

beaded stitch holder necklace

Full length of stitch holder necklace.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Have a wonderful weekend!

6 thoughts on “Stitch Holder Necklace

  1. This is just beautiful, simple, elegant and practical. I’m going to have to have a go at making some but they won’t be anywhere as nice as yours.

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