What Was Your First Sewing Project?

The other day my cousin asked me what I would recommend for a first sewing project. She took a Home Ec class in high school several years back but has not touched a sewing machine since. 

I still remember my first sewing project.  It was a red plaid skirt–pleated and with brass buttons. Of course my mom helped me but I remember the trill of watching the transformation from a flat piece of fabric to wearable art. I wonder if she kept that skirt?

So, my question is what would you recommend to an almost first time sewer? Also drop me a line about your first sewing project!

13 thoughts on “What Was Your First Sewing Project?

  1. Mine was a simple pants with a strap in the waistband, but I was having a tailor standing next to me explaining every single step. The first project I did totally alone was a simple dress without darts. I think skirt is always a good first project, when you have to tackle it alone. If you have help, I think simple pants or a blouse might work.

    • Yes that was how my skirt went. My mom was pretty much guiding me every step of the way! But it’s the one that I most remember. A simple dress would be a great first project too. Some good key skills and yet not overly complicated. What is the most complicated project you have done?

  2. My first sewing project was a needle book, followed by a sewing kit. These were great first projects as it only required some simple seams, and simple hand sewing to sew buttons and elastic in place.

      • I have made three rag dolls now, (and a fourth is on the way) which have been my biggest challenge, followed closely by a round petal cushion I made. I have made scrunchies, a draft excluder and a bean bag, but they were fairly simple, once I had worked out what I had to do.

        What projects are you thinking of creating?

      • Do have pictures of those dolls on your blog? I would love to see them!

        Next on my list for sewing is to outfit my son’s room with a new quilt, sheets, pillowcases ect with fabric from Sheri McCulley you can read about it here
        Also I’m trying to complete unfinished projects so I’m going to work on this skirt

        But my most complicated project? I actually never finished it! Hopefully I will do that this year. It was a pink evening gown with an overlay and handpleated bodic. Yeah pretty complicated and I ran out of time to finish it. 😦

      • Yes there is a picture of one of my dolls on my blog, I can upload another if you would like to see it… The skirt looks so pretty! would love to see the finished project.
        Wow that does sound complicated!! Why not carry it on?

  3. As a kid I had a stuffed koala bear and I hand-sewed 2 shirts for him. I remember going to the craft store and picking out two types of fabric, some stretchy lime green fabric and another swatch of stretchy orange fabric, as well as matching thread. Good times!

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