Victorian Rose Knit–Follow Up

In Peacock Blue

yarn for knitted scarf

Yarn for Victorian Rose Scarflet

Would you call this peacock blue or aqua?

Anyways I went to the yarn store today to find yarn to finish my knitted baby sweater–no good browns but I did find a beautiful black to mix in with the leftover light grey I still have. The owner felt so bad that she couldn’t find a matching blue she gave the black yarn to me! (Which was an influence as well. It also happens to be the same brand as what the sweater is already made in.)

I also decided to get some yarn for the Victorian Rose Knit Scarf pattern I bought the other day. There weren’t any dusky roses but I found this gorgeous blue alpaca mix to knit up.

It took me forever to decide though. I’m such a tactile person it seemed like I had to touch all the skeins–I’m worse then my son!
Speaking of my son…he charmed the socks right off all the ladies there and he was so well behaved. I wonder how long that will last?

8 thoughts on “Victorian Rose Knit–Follow Up

  1. Beautiful color! Can’t wait to see the finished project. Also glad to hear you found a good yarn for finishing that sweater. Isn’t it fun how the kiddos will surprise you sometimes with perfect behavior at just the right time? Mine will do that too, then later they all gang up on me with sillies at the same time!

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