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“Why did she make things?”

Beautiful Card

why did she make things card

This beautiful card pinpoints why I create better than I can myself. You can buy this card on etsy from a fellow Bluenoser–a person from Nova Scotia. (No I am not affiliated with her in any way…just from the same province) I wonder if she would make it an 8×10 print as I would love to put this on my craft room wall.

2 thoughts on ““Why did she make things?”

  1. I’m a Bluenoser too! I was born in Kentville NS. I don’t knit or crochet much but I do work with wool. I like to needle felt. I love to do crafts and paint too. Back to the wool if you haven’t tried needle felting you might like to give it a try. If you like I’ll even tell you how. It’s not hard. If your curious my work can be found on my blog and more of it can be found on Etsy under grannancan. I love trying different things and it looks like you do too. The great thing about felting is there is so many different things you can do and make and it costs so very little to start.

    • That’s awesome I love Nova Scotia! I miss it so much and haven’t been back in about 5 years. I have never tried needle felting. Have you done needle felting on fabric? As in designs on the fabric itself? I’ve been interested in doing that. I did check out your blog though and I LOVE those bunnies that you make! They look so real! Thanks for checking out my blog.

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