Sunday Crafting-Hair Accessories

Vintage Hair Clips and Peacock Fascinator

I love easy projects for Sunday crafting! Here are three easy hair items that will take less than thirty minutes to make.

Hair accessories from Sew.Knit.Create

Peacock fascinator, rosette hair tie and vintage button clips from Sew.Knit.Create

The peacock fascinator (I hope that is correct to call it a fascinator. According to the dictionary definition it is!) is made with a grouping of feathers I bought at JoAnn’s, a hair clip, and a strip of felt all hot-glued together.

The hair pins have a flat top on which a vintage button is glued.

The rosette is made from an aqua colored polka dot ribbon I’ve had in my ribbon stash for awhile.

rosette hair tie

Rosette made from a ribbon

This is really easy to make! Just twist and glue the ribbon into a rose shape as you go. If you want a specific tutorial for making this you can google or search on pinterest. I know I’ve seen plenty up there!

rosette back

Hot glue a felt circle to the back of completed rosette

To attach the rosette to the elastic I cut a strip of felt, glued it down on one side, then slipped the elastic through before I finished gluing the opposite side.

I made these for a little girls birthday party that we were unable to attend as we are all sick. As a result I don’t have super great pictures of these. 😦

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