Unfinished Sweater?

Unfinished Baby Sweater…HELP!!!!!!!

So do you remember this cute sweater that I was knitting for my son? Well, somehow I either:

a. ran out of yarn
b. didn’t buy enough yarn (I always double check though!)
c. the ladies at the shop told me the wrong number of balls for the project
d. lost a ball of yarn

I have no idea how this happened and I have torn my house apart looking for a lost ball of yarn. (In the process I have organized my sitting/tv room and have progressed further on my craft room–silver linings) But I still have not found that ball of yarn. I called the yarn store and the yarn has been discontinued. They can order me the replacement shade which is very close…but they never match exactly.

Here is what the sweater should look like when done.

ski sweater

Baby Ski Sweater

Here is how far I got on the last sleeve


The last sleeve almost finished

The last sleeve almost finished


So here is my question? Should I:

  1. Add a couple solid rows of that light blue gray
  2. Add another color completely maybe a brown
  3. Trash the project completely
  4. Any other options that you can come up with?

Either way I would have to do the ribbing at the top another color or I might have enough to do the neck with the light blue gray.

Please help!

11 thoughts on “Unfinished Sweater?

  1. I think using another color for the last few rows would be just fine, especially if you ripped back the other arm and did the same for it so you keep symmetry. Maybe even a totally different color- a contrasting yarn to make it look like a purposeful design element?

    • Thanks for the suggestion. What kind of contrasting color would work well? I was thinking a chocolate brown…would be a very safe combination. Do you have another color suggestion you think would be better? Also should it be a huge block of color or just a couple rows?

  2. I think brown is a great choice. And, I’d lean toward a smaller block of color so it looks like intentional striping. Just my thinking on it… 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Sometimes these things become “happy accidents” and add so much interest to the finished item.

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