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Useful Victorian Crochet Pattern

Crochet yourself a sleeve holder!

I know I usually do a book review on Monday but I was looking at this book today and had to share. The book was printed way back in 1902 and I found it at an antique store for pennies!


Sew.Knit.Create early crochet book


Sew.Knit.Create inside cover

Don’t you hate it when you put your coat on and your sleeve gets caught way up at the top? You then either have to try and pull it down, live with it, or try the whole process again…which generally ends up with the same results. So the resourceful Victorian women invented this nifty tool to prevent their sleeves from being caught up in their coats. Amazing!


Sew.Knit.Create Victorian sleeve holder


Sew.Knit.Create directions for sleeve holder

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep warm!

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