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Where Projects Die: Vote for Which One I ShouldFinish?

Projects To Finish–You Decide

Swiss Cotton Skirt

Swiss Cotton Skirt

Re-vamped cotton skirt will have inverted box pleats

Re-vamped cotton skirt will have inverted box pleats

Heart Apron

Heart Apron pieces are cut out

Here are two projects that I have started and never finished. You have the opportunity to vote for which project I should finish and by doing so you have the chance to win a vintage style flour sack apron. Comment for your name to be entered.

Voting ends on February 15th.

18 thoughts on “Where Projects Die: Vote for Which One I ShouldFinish?

  1. Both projects are seriously cute! That skirt particularly. If I had to choose, it’d be the skirt, but I hope you get to finish both! 🙂 I can’t wait to see your finished project(s).

  2. I had to laugh as soon as I saw your post title because I have a similar post in the works right now. Mine is about my quilt graveyard, where unfinished quilts have gone. I am also going to let my readers vote on which one to give new life to. You beat me to it with this post and I love it!
    I think I’m voting for the skirt. I have a serious affinity for aprons but there’s just something about the box pleats in the skirt that calls to me. Have fun and I look forward to seeing the winner and final product. Keep an eye out for my upcoming vote on which quilt to finish!

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  4. OK, these are BOTH stinkin’ cute…I vote for the one that you will be able to finish with the least amount of headache, first…to give you inspiration to move onto the more challenging one right after – sometimes we just need that “kick start”. I’m guessing that would be the apron first…newest follower – working my way through Vicki’s list this evening. Glad I happened along here – have some catch-up reading to do. Hope you have a creative weekend – Tanya

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  6. I definitely vote for the heart apron, especially with Valentine’s day just around the corner, it’s an omen for sure !

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