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One Month Anniversary Give Away

Anniversary Give Away!

I have been in the blogging world for a whole month now! It has been a wonderful experience and to sound redundant I have learned so much! This just so happens to be the eve of the Grow Your Blog event by 2 bags full.

To recap — this blog is about my love of creating, specifically sewing and knitting (among others).

If you are new to this blog there are some pages I would recommend you to check out to learn more about what I do.

I have 24 projects both sewing and knitting that I am working on this year. One project for sewing one for knitting to work on each month. Regardless of what happens during the month it is my goal to at a minimum complete this project.

I also love my Retro Kitchen Curtains and My Favorite Things: Warm Woolen Mittens.

In honor of my one month anniversary I am doing a Give-Away!

If you comment on this post your name will be entered in a drawing and you will receive a pair of ladies warm woolen mittens sans coffee mug!

Sew.Knit.Create mittens and coffee

Sew.Knit.Create mittens and coffee

Some up-coming posts to come back to and check out are:

  • Where I Create — a series where I turn my spare bedroom/junk room into a wonderful space to create in.
  • Where Projects Die — a series where I post two projects that have never been completed and you get to vote on which one I will finish. Anyone who comments here will be entered to win a free vintage flour sack apron!
  • Links and Review Monday — every Monday I choose a book or link on the internet to review and recommend. If you have a blog or product email me a link and I might feature you!

41 thoughts on “One Month Anniversary Give Away

  1. I adore your knitted items. I’ll be trying the Moxie baby cap this winter and had been looking for a mitten pattern for a while. Thanks Naomi, and best of luck at this new endeavor.

  2. Gorgeous mittens, thank you for sharing such a pretty giveaway. I love the idea of doing 2 projects a month and can’t wait to see what you do. I had a look at your list of sewing projects and am especially looking forward to seeing your apron.

    • Thanks Kay. Choosing a project a month has been good so far. I have a habit of starting projects and then moving in to another before I finish that one! So I figured this would be good discipline.

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  4. Love reading your blog and looking at your projects. Everything is really beautiful and creative. Congrats on the one month anniversary.

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    • Thanks Karen. I’ve used both blogger and wordpress and I definitely prefer wordpress over the former. I was over at your blog and I love that blue moose picture. I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska (we almost had the chance to live there at one point but it didn’t work out that way) Anyways thanks for visiting and come back again!

  6. Gasp! You’re giving away a pair of woolen mittens?! *swoon
    As a fellow knitter who knows what a labor of love hand knits are, I am super excited about this! Keeping my fingers crossed! 😉

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