Vintage Button Necklace–diy

Mint and Pearl Vintage Buttons…

create a beautiful combination for a diy necklace and a perfect combo for my new bracelet or so I thought. The inspiration came to me while browsing Pinterest. The original vintage button necklace tutorial used a chain instead of a ribbon. I also posted it as part of my 3 Easy Sunday Projects.


Vintage button necklace

I got this far

and then my vision died


Vintage button close up

Now I’m not sure where to go with it. I like the pearl and mint button part but how to connect it all together is where I get lost. I’ve got all the connecting links and what-not but it just doesn’t look right. Does it need a chain with it? Any ideas?

7 thoughts on “Vintage Button Necklace–diy

  1. I think if you want make it funky add more buttons, make it more bib-ish. But if you were to keep it smaller than I would add small dainty chains to attach the buttons to the ribbon. Granted, we all know I don’t make jack-squat, but I do love to buy things and that’s what I’d buy. 😉

  2. I think it would look best with a chain, whether you leave it dainty or make it more bib-like. I do like the idea of buttons further up the necklace, though, the way you have it laid out in the picture, but those could still be attached even if you finished it with a chain.

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