Re-purposed Accessories in 5 Minutes

DIY Mint and Pearl Bracelet

Mint and Pearl Bracelet

Sew.Knit.Create mint and pearl bracelet from a re-purposed hair scrunchy

Looks like it took hours doesn’t it? Would you believe that it only took 5 minutes to make?

I had an old hair scrunchy from my pre-teen years that I found while rummaging for ribbons in my basement for a project I am posting tomorrow.

You will understand about what an adventure it is searching for things in my basement if you read about my crafting room project.

This scrunchy had looped pearl strings around the elastic so I simply folded my mint ribbon in half and threaded it through the loops as if I was braiding it with the scrunchy.

Mint and Pearl bracelet

close up of bow

When I was done I tied a bow and used my glue gun to keep the ribbon in place.

Sew.Knit.Create ribbon

Using the hot glue gun to prevent frays

I also melted the edges of the ribbon to keep them from fraying.

Check back tomorrow to see another re-purposed accessory in mint and cream with a vintage twist.

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