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Help Create A Budget Friendly Crafting Space

Sew.Knit.Create crafting space

Sew.Knit.Create crafting space

After spending two hours looking for my scissors I decided it was time. Time to create a space all my own. Why did I spend two hours looking for scissors? Not because I am disorganized but rather my crafting, knitting, and sewing supplies currently reside in my spider infested basement!


My crafting supplies are in there somewhere

Where You Come In…

Help me figure out what to do to create a room to craft in. I need your tips and suggestions for getting this room in tip-top shape!

  • Colors
  • Organizing–only one tiny closet in room
  • Best layout
  • Budget friendly options
  • Re-purposing items

Obviously the first thing is to hang all the clothes…a work in progress! Please comment or send me pictures. Here is the spare bedroom (the perfect place for craft rooms…maybe) upstairs in our rental house that I am going to turn into my crafting space.


Crafting room in its current state


Crafting potential?

As this will be a work in progress I will give periodic updates.

I need your suggestions!

Maybe you have some pictures of your crafting space that you can share. I would love to hear from you!

14 thoughts on “Help Create A Budget Friendly Crafting Space

  1. Oh boy…. it is really tought to try to organize with a baby in the house… you have to attempt it when little fellow is sleeping. I don’t think you have any issues with your organizational abilities, it is trying to get it done when you have a little helper 🙂 These baby years go by altogether too fast, so I don’t think you should sweat it!

  2. I have a sewing/exercise/office room! It’s pretty messy right now, so I won’t share a photo. 🙂 I also have a small closet. We removed the doors and put up a wire shelf to hold my boxes of fabric and yarn. I’ve used all the vertical space in that closet and then I bought a couple cubicle shelves with baskets to store my smaller sewing, knitting, and embroidery items. My stuff is up off the floor at least! I think your guest room looks way less spidery than the basement! Just get your sewing machine set up and go from there. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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  4. Just discovered you, looking forward to seeing how you progress. I’m doing my craft room at the moment too, at the moment the dining room is stuffed with fabric, tools and yarn, soo looking forward to having the space sorted. Looking forward to following your progress

    • I think my dining room has been looked like that before too! I find that reorganizing my crafting stuff quite daunting task at times…we will see how it goes. I know I need some good storage solutions. Good luck with your project!

  5. That looks like a great room to have a crafting space. If you’re looking for cheap ways to organize, Ikea is great if you have one nearby. Otherwise, the Container Store is good too. It’s a little more expensive but they literally have a box, jar, or desktop organizer for anything you could think of.
    Good luck! I’m looking forward to seeing the results!

  6. Hi Naomi,
    Found you on my GYB Partytour (right above my own name in the list :). Like your blog and this post in particular, because I (that is “we”…my husband helped me a lot !!! 🙂 changed our attic in a room for me. I found out how easy “all” the rooms of the house run full with all kinds of everything when you lack your own space. I must admit that I still find myself crafting at the kitchentable (now and again) but I love to have my own little sanctuary.
    Your room looks great to use as a craftsroom.
    Most of the furniture I used came from the thriftshop. The desk was my fathers first, rather old and we painted it.
    You’re welcome to take a look at my blog. There are two posts in the blogarchive under “Cash in the attic”
    Really hope it’s of any help.
    A lot of good luck !!!

    Maybe see you there.

    Shabby Royale.

    • Wilma,
      Thanks! I did check out your blog and what you did for your craft room. I love the all white scheme and the thriftshop finds. That’s what I’m hoping to do is to find furniture thrifting. I would love to have a big cutting table in the middle of the room and a small comfy chair in the corner…might be a tall order for thrifting but we’ll see.

  7. I definitely see potential in that room! The natural light from the window will be really nice for crafting. I totally understand about the 2 hour search for scissors. Since we have 5 people in a 3 bedroom home and no hall closets, my crafting is relegated to my master bedroom closet! No matter how organized you try to be, it helps to have a dedicated space. I look forward to seeing what you create and maybe “borrowing” some tips to make my own craft space.

    • Jessica,

      No problem–hope I can come across some tips to pass on! Hopefully it will work out soon and I can stop searching for my scissors. I did find them….then lost them again. Last week while trying to find a lost ball of yarn I got all my crafting books moved up there! So, a bit of progress.
      I need to find a sewing table of sorts. We’ll see how it goes. (Sorry sort of rambling and planning while I’m writing this) 😉
      Thanks for commenting and checking it out!

  8. Your craft space looks lovely. I loose scissors all the time but lately they’ve been showing up, In large numbers. I have a small box of scissors right now but I know they’ll all dissappear again then reappear again. It’s like a scissor dance I do.

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