Top 12 Knitting Projects For 2013

Sew.Knit.Create 2013 Knitting Projects

Sew.Knit.Create 2013 Knitting Projects

Yesterday I posted my top 12 sewing projects for 2013 — easy. Finalizing my knitting projects . . . not so easy! There are just so many things I want to make! FOCUS. My goal is to have a minimum of 12 products completed at the end of this year. A top 12 list is not meant to limit after all but to encourage productivity. So after calculating the time required for the sewing projects and putting them in my calendar I have narrowed down my knitting list to coincide with the sewing projects. Here is the final list of projects that I want to knit in 2013. (You will notice I still have not narrowed everything completely . . . but it is a start)

1. Finish the Baby Retro Ski Sweater that I started August 2012 and wanted to finish for Christmas read about it here –January

2. Gray hat for husband to match my son’s vintage gray ski cap this was a specific request so I am also going to try to finish it before winter is over.

3. Baby hats for the twins my sister is having a repeat of the cupcake hat for the girl and the newborn layette cap for the boy–February

4. Shawl from Jane Austen Knits Summer 2012–I will start this in March as I want to wear it during April and May

Rose Garden Shawl

I also love the Baby Bonnet in this issue as well but we will see if I have time to make it.

Beloved Baby Bonnet

5-8 are a bit confusing and I’m not quite sure which to do when but here they are for April through July

Delphine top from French Girl Knits published by Interweave Press

There are also several possibilities of baby hats that I have pinned as well as several patterns from the adorable Sublime baby knits book. I also love the

Angora Bolero found in Modern Knits for Babies

and the

Louise Cardigan found in Vintage Baby Knits by Kristen Rengren

I could always go with some simple patterns like dishcloths, potholders, etc like these ones

Starfish Dishcloths

Starfish Dishcloths

9. In September I will start the

Whitby Stockings from Vintage Modern Knits available from Interweave Press

10. Shelby headband/ear warmer (this is inspired by one worn by my friend)   — October


Borrowing this picture as inspiration for the headband/ear warmer I am making

10. Fingerless mittens — I’ve been wanting to make a pair for SEVERAL years and have never gotten around to making any! This will be the year . . . as soon as I decide which one I want.

Fingerless Rovaniemi Mittens to Knit published by Interweave Press in
Piecework, Jan/Feb 2008 and Knitting Traditions, Winter 2010

Belle Ruffle Gloves PDF available

11. Great-Grannies Mittens: the cabled ones (my mom has this pattern) read about them here–November

Tie up any projects for Christmas during this month.

12. Other small projects such as knitted coasters and Christmas projects. I will also start on the Ruffled & Ruched Scarf for the new year.

Ruffled & Ruched Scarf

Ruffled & Ruched Scarf from Annie’s Crafts

Any thoughts on these projects? Maybe you can help me choose between my options? Hopefully as the time gets closer I will be able to narrow my choices. Although some flexibility might be a good thing as time goes by!

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