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Sublime Knitting-My newest favorite in pattern books

One of my many weaknesses are pattern books. I found The seventh little Sublime hand knit book of baby knits at my local knitting shop this past summer. (The link gives you a preview of all the projects in each book complete with yardage requirements.)


The pages are already creased and torn and several projects have resulted in the ownership of this book. In reality I am considering making all six hats, two slippers, seven cardigans/sweaters/smocks, and sampler blanket!

I actually love all of the Sublime hand knit books for babies. As they are somewhat difficult to find in stores I found several place online to purchase them.
Jimmy Beans Wool
The Knitting Garden
Amazon of course has several buying options as well

4 thoughts on “Sublime Knitting-My newest favorite in pattern books

  1. I’m enjoying your blog! I hope you get to make all the projects in the book. The good thing about baby things is they are small and usually quick to make. 🙂 Happy New Year to you and your family!

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