Travel Knitting

One of the great joys of knitting is that it is a portable art. I have literally knitted across North America. From Nova Scotia to British Columbia. Through Nebraska, Kansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and countless other states I have knitted the miles away. 
This trip is no exception! Today I’m working on a cute little Christmas sweater for my 9 month old son. Here is a picture of the pattern.


Sew.Knit.Create.Ski Sweater

The finished product will actually be made of midnight blue superwash wool from Debbie Bliss.


Sew.Knit.Create.Ski Sweater

I will post pictures when it is all put together.  If I’m lucky I will have enough yarn to finish otherwise I will have to wait till I get home to buy more.

So as I knit the miles…do you have any favorite traveling craft?

3 thoughts on “Travel Knitting

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