Mellon Sorbet


Sew.Knit.Create: Melon Sorbet apron

I love wearing this apron on a sweltering summers day while BBQ’ing and eating juicy watermelon. It makes you feel like you have stepped into a cameo for a 1940’s movie.

This apron was one I made a couple years ago and is actually the second one like it. The first I made for a friend and I liked it so much that I created one for myself!
The project probably took about 2 hours from pinning and cutting to sewing.
The basic shape of the apron skirt is a rounded square. The waist band is about four inches wide and has a second layer that is ruched on the sides before being attached to the ties. I believe I gathered the skirt slightly at the sides and front before attatching it to the waist band. To finish the apron I cut a two inch band of the melon material that was about one and a half times the length of the outside edge and gathered it before sewing it to the skirts edge.
A fun simple project well worth the two hours!

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